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Letter from Anne and Cathe

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Dear ICF Donors and Friends,


This year was filled with extraordinary challenges that affected us all. Globally, COVID-19 has impacted our most vulnerable communities – depriving many families of income, food, and access to health services. 


As we have in the past, ICF’s team quickly called on current and former grantees to assess the needs in their communities, then contacted our wide network to secure financial support for these hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and informational requests. As a result, ICF deployed over $5.1 Million in grants. We want to thank you for your part in this incredible response. 


Because of your generosity and deep commitment to these efforts, ICF was able to grant $17.4 million to organizations in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. ICF’s report this year shares stories of impact, partnership, and innovative financing. On these pages, you will see our team at work! 


In these challenging times, we find inspiration in your compassion and that of our local partners – the courageous leaders who are taking great risks to bring food, PPE, and other supplies directly to the communities where they are needed most. 


Thank you for allowing us to be your partners in this work. Our impact would not be possible without you.





Anne McEnany                   Cathe Burnham

ICF President & CEO            ICF Board Chair

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International Community Foundation

Annual Report 2020

Executive Committee

Cathe Burnham.png

Chair: Cathe Burnham

Community Engagement

Gustavo De La Fuente.png

Executive Director
Smart Border Coalition

David O'Brien.png

Treasurer: David O’Brien

Financial Consultant and Author

Vice Chair: Gustavo De La Fuente

Gabriela Manriquez.png

Secretary: Gabriela Manriuez

Former Sr. Director, 
Government Affairs Latin
America, Qualcomm Inc. 

Jacqueline B. Meyer.png

Immediate Past Chair: Jacqueline B. Meyer

JBM Consulting 
Former Sr. Director, 
Marketing, Qualcomm, Inc. 

Home: What We Do

Board Members

Agustin Ceballos.png

Agustín Ceballos

Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek

Alejandra Mier y Terán.png

Alejandra Mier y Terán 

Executive Director
Otay Mesa Chamber
of Commerce

Atul Patel.png

Atul Patel

Senior Vice President, Treasury

PriceSmart, Inc. 

Emily Young.png

Emily Young, PhD

Executive Director, 
The Nonprofit Institute
at The University of San Diego

Patricia Machado.png

Patricia Machado

President American Sunglass Manufacturing, 
COO Augen Optics USA

Yuri A. Calderón.png

Yuri A. Calderón 

President and CEO
Miller Calderón, Inc. 

Cheryl Hammoned.png

Cheryl Hammond

Former Director of Sales 
for Latin America AT&T

Donna Manning.png

Donna Manning

Attorney; Former Vice President, 

ICF Staff

Senior Management: 


Other Advisors:

Andre Dungee.png

Andre Dungee

Finance Associate 

Elizabeth Corrow.png

Elizabeth Corrow


Jackie Rivas-Landaverde.png

Jackie Rivas-Landaverde

Grants Manager

Leticia Martinez.png

Leticia Martinez

Senior Development Officer

McKenzie Campbell.png

McKenzie Campbell

Program Officer: Baja California Sur

Anne McEnany.png

Anne McEnany

President & CEO

Marisa Quiroz.png

Marisa Quiroz

Vice President of Programs

Arden Martinez.png

Arden Martinez

Grants Assistant

Cynthia Duran.png

Cynthia Duran

Marketing and 
Development Assistant

Eliza Brennan.png

Eliza Brennan

Senior Program Officer, 
Education and Migration

Paloma Aguirre.png

Paloma Aguirre

Senior Program Officer: Environment


Yamilett K. Carrillo Guerrero.png

Yamilett K. Carrillo Guerrero

Director, Nonprofit Innovation and Performance

Angelica Leyva.png

Angélica Leyva

ICF Consultant 

Cynthia Wickerink.png

Cynthia Wickerink

Advisor, Los Cabos Community Fund

Sergio G. Haro.png

Sergio G. Haro 

Legal Advisor

Sergio, Anne, and Cynthia W.
-Niños Caravana Migrante-4.jpg

Our Supporters

Thank you to our supporters for making our work possible. 

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Marketing Executive

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Mario García.png

“ICF’s leadership, professionalism, sensitivity, and commitment to solving problems in our region has bonded our two organizations together. We have shared 20 years of building social investments in our community!”

Mario García Carrasco

Chair of Fundación Internacional de la Comunidad (FIC Baja)

Peter Skidmore.png

“The Walton Family Foundation is inspired to support the binational effort to restore the Colorado River Delta because rivers don’t know boundaries, and our ideas shouldn’t either. ICF established the Raise the River Stewardship Fund to build and protect these ecosystems into the future. We are grateful for their long-term vision and partnership.”

Peter Skidmore

Program Officer, Environment Program

The Walton Family Foundation

David O'Brien.png

“Foundations like ICF are investing endowment funds to “match money to our mission.” This year, ICF was pleased to support the Freedom100 Bond (see page 16) and earn a double return for our mission and our bottom line.”

David O’Brien

ICF Treasurer

Rupal Patel.png

“ICF is a great partner for any company interested in directing resources to support local communities. Together, we deployed over 1.4 million PPE resources and a small cash fund to benefit farmworkers where we work in Mexico.”

Rupal Patel

Principal, Akasha Strategies and 
Founding Board Member, California Harvesters, Inc.

 What Our Donors Have To Say:

Our Community 


In Memoriam

Ezequiel Lizalde Rodríguez was a young reporter, news anchor and broadcaster who passed away in Baja California Sur from complications of COVID-19. Lizalde Rodríguez dedicated more than 10 years to critical journalism and giving voice to social movements. His work focused on exposing the abuse of power and the large extractive developments which positioned him in Baja California Sur as one of the relevant communicators in informative responsibility.

Pride Flag

Jeanine Huerta Lopez was a human rights activist who raised the voices of those within the LGBTQIA+ community, especially sex workers and the transgender population. She was a collaborator of an organization that we proudly support at ICF: Centro De Servicios Ser A.C. In August, her light was senselessly taken away from us. According to the observatory of the organization Transgender Europe, Mexico ranks second in the world in murders of trans people, but we refuse to have her voice silenced. We dedicate the Rainbow Fund in Jeanine Huerta Lopez’s honor.


Victims of COVID19

The coronavirus pandemic has left an indelible mark on people all around the world of all ages and from all walks of life. Our hearts go out to everyone who has lost a loved one due to COVID-19, including many family members of our grantees, and our colleagues and friends in Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. Our ICF team recognizes and salutes those on the front lines – the medical staff, emergency responders, and care givers who are leading the battle against COVID-19 from the front and are putting their own lives at risk with selfless determination for the sake of saving lives.  

Partners That Inspire Us


This Is About Humanity 

Impact by the numbers





Nonprofits Impacted

This Is About Humanity (TIAH) is a movement that began nearly two years ago by its three co-founders - Elsa Collins, Zoe Winkler Reinis and Yolanda Selene Walther-Meade. Initially, their focus was to raise awareness and provide funding to civil organizations dealing with separated/reunified children and families at the US-Mexico border. As the situation evolved, TIAH organized over 20 experiential bus trips to highlight individual voices and vulnerable communities on both sides of the border.


With its boots-on-the-ground presence, This is About Humanity pivoted to provide COVID-19 relief efforts in response to the coronavirus pandemic in Baja California through its fund at ICF. In a two-week span in March, TIAH matched all donations up to $50,000, awarding a total of $100,000 for immediate service needs, medical checkups, food security and other health necessities to vulnerable children and families. 


From start to finish, ICF’s grantmaking tools have been critical to This is About Humanity’s success – whether issuing requests for proposals to community organizations across the Calibaja region, assisting in completing needs assessments, or affording TIAH the opportunity to be intimately involved in the grantmaking processes. Donations to the This is About Humanity Fund at ICF allow it to respond to ongoing requests pertaining to food, housing medical services, long-term operation necessities, and day to day needs.

Fondo para la paz 2.png

Fundación CAAAREM | Fundación Internacional de la Comunidad (FIC) | Apoyemos a Tijuana | Los Cabos Children’s Foundation

Impact by the numbers







$1.1 M

Donation Value
Fondo para la paz 2.png
Movimiento RAS.png

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated, global health care systems were overwhelmed with potentially infectious patients seeking testing and care. To prevent the spread of infection between health care workers and patients, local communities relied on effective use of personal protective equipment (PPE)—gloves, face masks, air- purifying respirators, goggles, face shields, respirators, and gowns. 


PPE, formerly ubiquitous and disposable in the hospital environment, is now a scarce and precious commodity in many locations where it is needed most.


In May 2020, through a generous in-kind donation, ICF partners delivered masks and gloves to farmworker communities in nine states of Mexico. Thanks to the experience and allies on both sides of the border, ICF expedited these supplies to clinics, hospitals, and community centers serving Mexico’s essential agricultural workers.


Sueño Tropical | Alianza para la Seguridad Alimentaria (ASA)

Impact by the numbers


Years In Operation


Variety of Herbs + Produce


Annually Invested In Local Economies


Jobs Created Annually

Sueño Tropical is a leading organic producer in BCS. Founded in 1985, their 200-acre family farm located in Pescadero/Todos Santos, is committed to not only producing healthy food, but doing so in a way that is healthy for the environment, and that gives back to their community. They are continuously improving their organic and regenerative farming systems by building compost, planting cover crops, selecting crop varieties for long-term sustainability, and turning their surplus herb harvest into natural oils that boost plants defenses. 


The farm’s employees get first pick of surplus produce, and the rest is donated to non-profit partners and soup kitchens via the BCS Food Security Alliance, increasing access in the lowest- income communities to high quality, organic produce.


Sueño Tropical received a program-related investment (PRI) in the form of a $200,000 bridge loan to support preparations for the 2019/2020 planting season. This loan plus interest was fully repaid before term, and funds were reinvested for future grantmaking.

-Caravana Migrante Tijuana-10.png

Freedom for Immigrants | Mission-Driven Finance

ICF Finance / Investment Committee

Impact by the numbers


People Freed From Detention


Avg. Immigration Bond In CA.


percentage of immigration cases in CA that are denied


Cost Range of Immigration Bonds
-Caravana Migrante Tijuana-10.png

Mission Driven Finance, a local San Diego impact investment firm, contacted ICF in 2019 to discuss a new revolving loan fund – the $1 million Freedom100 Bond. This initiative provides bond funds for migrants held in detention awaiting their asylum hearing. When migrants are able to pay their bond (which is sometimes as low as $1,000), they are able to wait for their hearing in a safe environment surrounded by family and friends. ICF’s Finance and Investment Committee approved a $50,000 investment in July 2019, sparking ICF’s first socially responsible investment from its operating endowment.


Since ICF’s investment, the Freedom100 Bond has freed twenty-four migrants from detention! Twenty-three bonds have been posted in California and one in Louisiana. One of those freed was Sergio who was finally able to reunite with his family after a civil rights complaint and four failed attempts to post bond at the Adelanto Detention Center.


Freedom100 is now a quarter of the way through their goal of bonding out one hundred individuals from detention. We cannot think of a more tangible representation of all that philanthropy can unlock, all that ICF stands for, and all that we care about as a team. Twenty-four people are walking free today because we invested in their freedom.

Centro para la Biodiversidad Marina y la Conservación |Pronatura Noroeste 

San Diego Natural History Museum | Other Research Partners

Impact by the numbers


Habitats Studied


Dives To Explore The Marine Area


Hectares Explored On Land

86 Team Members

  • 46 terrestrial
  • 15 marine
  • 27 community

0152752 2019-12-09.png

San Basilio is an area of immense natural beauty and significant native biodiversity, with habitats from rocky reefs to high canyons and a stunning display of wildlife. ICF funded an extensive research effort in December 2019 to create a baseline of terrestrial and marine species – the science teams studies over 23,000 marine animal and cataloged over 476 terrestrial species.


Research suggests that overfishing has affected the top predators of the bay, but there is great potential for recovery. The lands around the bay remain fairly pristine but are impacted by tourism and cattle and require careful management to ensure a healthy future for the land and sea of the great bay.


San Basilio shows early signs of the impacts of climate change in its mangrove ecosystems, which are experiencing shifts in their ranges. Protecting coastal ecosystems is key to resilience in the face of climate change, as well as reducing the impacts of tropical storms and other catastrophic events. Conserving San Basilio is a step towards a more resilient peninsula. ICF continues to work with local landowners and partners to find a conservation path for the area.

Latin America & Beyond


ICF Financial Overview

In kind (2).png

Environment 39%

Human Rights 8%

Health 27%

Community & Economic Dev. 14%

Other Grants 3%

Education 9%

What Will Your Legacy Be?

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